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Heyworth Schools Among Central Illinois Districts To Continue Ramp Up Security in Recent Years

School security has been at the forefront of the minds of central Illinois school leaders for many years as many have invested hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in upgraded measures in their buildings.
Heyworth Schools are among the many districts to invest in their buildings to protect the community's youth and Superintendent Lisa Taylor says reading the news and being versed in the facts is something that is a must for everyone in education.
Taylor says the district has installed a new camera and access systems to their buildings. She points out law enforcement has access to those cameras and alarms for the entry alarms.
Allowing teachers to carry firearms in the school building is something Taylor calls "a little extreme". She explains that is not something teachers are trained to do but feels there could be circumstances to allow a teacher to conceal a firearm in the school.
Taylor says districts and law enforcement need to continue to learn from the happenings at these previous incidents but also be in tune with the red flags that pop up with students who display signs of potential to commit acts of violence.
Taylor is promoting educating youth on the fact the police exist to protect them. She says there's nothing that is 100% foolproof. 

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