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Warner Hospital and Health Services Pleased With Recent Medicaid Legislation

About 20-percent of Warner Hospital and Health Services funding was on the line before Illinois lawmakers took action last week.
CEO of Warner Hospital and Health Services, Paul Skowron, indicates the legislature acted on a mandate to revamp the Medicaid distribution formula for Illinois hospitals.
Skowron explains the legislation would set in place a new formula and he hopes in the next week, it will be signed by the Governor and then passed along to federal lawmakers. He calls this a very good thing for Warner Hospital and Health Services.
Overall, Medicaid is about a third of the hospital's budget and Skowron indicates if the formula had not been revamped, the State would have lost the funding match that comes from the federal government.
Skowron says overall, Warner Hospital and Health Services will gain 2-percent to 3-percent. He calls that a victory after original proposals would have seen the City-owned entity lose about five-percent. 

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