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DeWitt County Sheriff On The Vault: Investing in Youth Is Fighting Crime

DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner is among many that have been involved with The Vault in Clinton since founder Michelle Witzke took her dream public for a community youth center in Clinton a few years ago. 
'Investing in youth is fighting crime' is the message from Sheriff Shofner and the reason he feels this youth center is something the community needs. 
The Sheriff explains, what The Vault will create is the breaking of a cycle that exists from generation to generation. He feels it will give kids a chance to reverse trends in their families that exist and provide them mentorship.
Sheriff Shofner says youth are getting exposed to drugs and alcohol at an earlier and earlier age and the mission of The Vault is to give kids who do not have a stable home life an outlet with some help and support.
Sheriff Shofner feels if they can get a youth into The Vault early, they have a good chance to change deviant behavior, those lessons sticking and that individual becoming a productive member of society. 

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