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Some Clinton High School Students Plan To Walk Out of Class Wednesday

A portion of Clinton High School students is planning to participate in a national walk out of class Wednesday morning to honor the students who were slain in the February 14 massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.
Principal of Clinton High School, Jerry Wayne, says he was pleased with the way the students presented why they wanted to participate in this organized event. He feels this shows a lot about the students of the high school.
Wayne indicates the school is supporting the students right to freedom of speech but they also plan to follow the policies in place that do not excuse a student from walking out of class. He says these are policies are already in place.
Wayne views this as a way to change the culture as an example of how to treat people with respect.
Superintendent of Clinton Schools, Curt Nettles, hopes whether you agree with what the students end up doing Wednesday, that the opinions of the students and the school does not change.
Nettles says their message to students is once you know all the information and they still want to go through with walking out of class, they will do so knowing there will be consequences but leaders in the school will take their safety seriously as they exercise their first amendment rights. 

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