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101st Republican Candidates Discuss Issues At Clinton High School

Jobs, sanctuary state, and taxes were among the many topics discussed by Republicans vying in the 101st district Tuesday night at Clinton High School. 
Candidates Randy Keith, Todd Hendricks and Dan Caulkins shared their thoughts on a number of issues Tuesday night during the event hosted by the DeWitt County Republican Party and the DeWitt County Young Republicans. 
When it comes to jobs, Randy Keith says Illinois needs to invest in itself and the jobs will follow.
Improving roads would come up again later in the forum and Dan Caulkins points to when the gas tax bill was rewritten and sent millions of dollars to Chicago for the Chicago Transit Authority.
Todd Hendricks echoed Caulkins comments and also points out Illinois' problem is not a revenue problem but a spending problem.
The candidates also discussed working together with Democrats to get things done in Springfield. Keith points to his record as Piatt County Board Chair and his ability to work with other people.
All three candidates oppose the sanctuary bill that was signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Caulkins says he would not have signed the bill and calls it a terrible mistake.
When it comes to a property tax freeze and shifting the cost of teacher pensions to local schools, Hendricks says the Governor cannot have both or he will devastate schools.
Keith says his number one priority if he is elected, is to meet all his peers in Springfield and try to work with all of them.
Caulkins believes that he can make a difference and to do that, lawmakers on each side of the aisle have to find something in common.
Hendricks says he wants to make changes to the teacher retirement system in Illinois. He feels Illinois employees need to be able to participate in Social Security and have a 401K.
When asked about which Republican Gubernatorial candidate each is endorsing, Caulkins said he would make a decision next Tuesday when he gets the polls, Hendricks says he is endorsing Governor Rauner because of electability issues with Jeanne Ives, and Keith says he is staying out of their race. 

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