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Trump Tariffs Lead To Chinese Retaliation On U.S. Ag

China is threatening to impose stiff retaliatory tariffs on U.S. pork and soybeans, and that has U.S. producers worried.
China’s wasted no time in coming up with a 3 billion dollar list of U.S. targets for retaliation for billions in U.S. tariffs on Chinese metals and IP-related goods.
Politically-sensitive U.S. pork and soybeans, as feared, are on China’s retaliation list.
Iowa GOP Ag Senator Chuck Grassley reminded President Trump’s trade chief at a Senate Finance hearing last week…
China’s Commerce Ministry has listed 120 products for a 15-percent duty if trade differences are not resolved, and some, including pork for a possible 25-percent tariff.
National Pork Producers spokesman Dave Warner says the U.S. sells a lot of pork to China…
Followed by Japan…
Still, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress agree, China is the single-most important threat to U.S. trade. President Trump now plans $50 billion in tariffs to curtail hundreds of billions in Chinese theft of U.S. intellectual property and forced technology transfers.

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