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County Board Members Discuss Wind Energy Discussions

Wind energy regulations in DeWitt County continue to be the hot topic at County Board meetings and Friday morning a couple County Board members weighed in on their opinions on the process.
Terry Ferguson and Lance Reece say they both want things done right and they believe all parties involved are taking this issue seriously. Reece feels both the RPC and the ZBA are very concerned with the quality of life for all residents and that it is the best it can be.
Ferguson echoes the thoughts of the Reece and says the two regulatory committees have a lot of things to consider going forward.
For Reece, the biggest talking point to most everyone he encounters is the lights above the turbines. He indicates the RPC addressed this issue last week, passing a recommendation along to the ZBA.
Ferguson has championed protecting non-participating landowners in the community and wants to see protections for those folks.
Ferguson has family with firsthand experience dealing with this issue and outlines the process that took place in Livingston County. He feels it is the County's obligation to do this right.
Much of the criticism towards the process has been the fact some feel the County is looking at only the revenue that could be brought from the wind farm however, Reece feels that is not the end-all-be-all in the decision and also feels the County needs to be somewhat progressive like the neighbors to the south, west, and north.
Reece feels there is a good ordinance in place and credits the RPC and ZBA as putting an ordinance in place that is one of the most up to date in the state but calls the process going on now an update to all that work.

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