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Progress for a new wastewater treatment plant in Monticello continues and is about a year into the two-year timeframe.
Mayor Larry Stoner says the project has not been held up by the weather and indicates things are moving right along. He indicates it is a complete replacement of the existing plant but they also have to have a functional plant while the new one is being put up.
Originally, city leaders planned to phase the project in but the Mayor indicates a loan became available that was going to allow them to tackle the project all at once. He also calls this a necessity for everyone in the community, even though, it is not all that exciting.
The Mayor indicates this project has been much needed because the infrastructure in place just has not been able to handle the needs of the community.
The project will come in at about $14.5-million.
Mayor Stoner says that part of the community has a lot of work being done as they have a new public works facility being erected on the other side of the street. 

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