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A local school district is hoping to provide support for their students through beefing up support staff.
Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools, John Ahlemeyher (all-meyer) recognizes there needs to be a discussion surrounding school safety how to protect students from violent acts but he and the school board are going the next step and he explains, they plan to hire another social worker for the upcoming school year.
Ahlemeyer says it isn't hard to find the trends in who is committing the crimes in recent years. He feels schools, and society as a whole has to do more to support youth who are not successful in normal settings of growing up.
Additionally, Ahlemeyer points out they are going to be getting the school an assessment of the security of their buildings. He says it is time to have someone objective take a look at the things they've done and what they have in place.
In his first year, Ahlemeyer feels the district is right where they need to be from a security perspective. He is hopeful state and federal governments will free up funds for schools to have access to for security purposes. 

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