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The C.H. Moore Homestead has been around well over 100 years and with age there comes a time when projects and enhancements to the property must be done.  
Two projects, in particular, are currently being undertaken which include a window arch renovation project and Minerva's garden rejuvenation.  The window arches have been an ongoing endeavor dating back to last year, as Museum Director Joey Woolridge explains why the arches need redoing.


Along with the window renovation, there is also an effort to rejuvenate the flower and herb gardens once monitored by Minerva Moore Bishop, the first lady to call the mansion "home."


A variety of heirloom perennials have been added to the collection and anyone wishing to become involved in the ongoing project is encouraged to contact the museum.  More information on the C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum can be found at www.chmoorehomestead.org.

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