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The Vault has raised over 16.5 thousand dollars in their recent fundraisers, or donations.

In October the Vault had their Harlem Wizards event, which took place at the Clinton High school where more than a thousand people attended. The event raised over 12 thousand dollars from ticket sales. Michelle Witzke said that they were blown away by the turnout and participation from everyone.

Not only did they raise money from the Harlem Wizards but First National Bank and Trust Company donated 3 thousand dollars to the Vault. Five of the students presented a business plan to FNB to show what the money will go towards for the Vault.

The money will go to buying chairs and tables to use the Vault as a venue that people can rent out. 

The money still kept coming for the Vault as the Eagles would help donating 1.5 thousand dollars. The Eagles were a little skeptical at first, but once they saw what the Vault was capable of,  they changed their minds said, Witzke.

The Vault continues to work with local organizations to help promote what they are doing for kids today. Creating a safe place to hang out, have fun, and offering many services that kids may need. 

If you would like to visit the Vault or support them, you can go to their website at www.thevaultclinton.org or calling (217) 934-4003. You can also go to the Vault location at 802 N. Side Square Clinton, IL.

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