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Elections over and new members will take their seat on the DeWitt County Board next month, one of those is Nate Ennis. 


Incumbents Rita Sue Whitted, Cris Rogers, and Melonie Tilley were running along with Nate Ennis and Dan Matthews. Ennis, Matthews, and Tilley were voted in while Whitted and Rogers were voted out. 


Ennis spoke with Regional Radio News about why he ran for the county board.

Ennis went on to run for the county board, but not against anything or anyone in particular. Ennis ran believing in himself.

Some of the candidates had a side on a particular subject that has been part of the county board talk, that subject was about the wind farms. Ennis said that he wasn't for it nor against it. 

Ennis said that there is still more research he has to do before he comes up with a decision on the wind farms. 


The new board will reassign in December to decide who will cover what seats on the DeWitt County Board. 

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