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Minnesota is the top turkey producing state raising 20 percent of the nation’s 228 million birds.


The National Turkey Federation says that we will eat more than 46 million at Thanksgiving. Another 22 million are eaten at Christmas. 


American’s eat more turkey than any other country. 


Turkeys raised in commercial production are usually White Hollands.


Over 15 to 18 weeks a turkey will consume about 75 to 80 pounds of feed 
to make it to market weight. 


Ben Franklin was a notable fan of the turkey – he wrote in a letter to his daughter that the turkey should be the national bird - not the eagle. Not sure I’d like to see a Turkey on the back of my money.


President Abraham Lincoln declared the final Thursday in November to be a national day of Thanksgiving. President Franklin Roosevelt set 
Thanksgiving to always be on the 4th Thursday of the month – as not to impact holiday shopping.


There are four towns in the US with Turkey in their name including Turkey, North Carolina. 


Now that Thanksgiving Dinner is over what to do with the leftovers…..


USDA says eat the leftovers in 3 or 4 days and that’s if you get them in the fridge right away and don’t leave them out on the table all afternoon. 

The number one way of enjoying leftovers? A simple turkey sandwich.

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