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Illinois is on the verge of its 5th decade possibly losing a congressional seat. The idea is if your state grows you can gain seats, but if you are losing residents, then you can lose seats. 


Mike Madigan who is the speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. He has been in charge for around 40 years now, and he overlooks the re-mapping of Illinois. Senator Chapin Rose believes that with the possibility of losing a seat that Illinois is not on the right path.



Now there is talk about losing one and even possibly two in Illinois. Rose said that it depends on where and whom you talk to.



With three Congressional seats that meet near East St. Louis, Rose said that it could very easily select from there, on who gets combined in districts. 


The redistricting won't take place till 2020. The re-map happens every ten years so we won't know till then. 

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