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Drug overdose deaths in Madison County have hit an all-time high, and in many ways mirrors the fight going on around the state and around the country. With about 6 weeks to go in 2018, the county just logged its 92nd fatal overdose. The previous record of 91 was set in 2014. While these deaths are caused by a variety of drugs, including alcohol, the county coroner says the most common substance found in these deaths is Fentanyl. Madison County Coroner Stephen Nonn tells The Big Z dealers continue to prey on the vulnerable.



Nonn says one of the keys moving forward is educating our children about the dangers of drug abuse, and has a team that goes to local schools to educate kids on the dangers of drug use. He notes those in the age group which have heard their message are not dying of overdoses at the same rate as those who have not. Overdose deaths nationwide account for about 72,000 deaths.

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