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A thorough evaluation of the district's facilities will get underway this spring as mandated by the State of Illinois.


The Health Life Safety survey will do a top to bottom inspection of the district's facilities and Superintendent Curt Nettles does not anticipate any issues with the decennial inspection.



Nettles says the district does a great job of keeping their facilities up to code. He feels their maintenance staff do a great job on the front lines of that effort.



Nettles indicates the Health Life Safety funds are a part of the tax money they receive and he explains they remain committed to the community to maintain their facilities through that fund.



The final report from the architects comes back to the district, it then becomes a matter of the district addressing any concerns found. Once that has taken place, the state must give final approval. 


The district approved Tuesday night at the Board of Education meeting to work with Cordogan Clark for the work. Nettles notes that name should be familiar to the community, as they were the architects who designed the new CES building on Illini Drive. 

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