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It was a big year for The Vault in Clinton as they opened the teen center on the downtown square. 


Leader of The Vault, Michelle Witzke says opening their doors to the community was definitely the highlight as they had numerous people across the community work hard to make their dream a reality. 



2018 hit the community's youth very hard with three students lost their lives last year and Witzke indicates it was important for The Vault to be open for the community's youth to come and grieve.



Witzke feels they are about 40% to being what she had dreamed The Vault would be. She has noticed they have already started to make connections with the community's youth. 



With a downstairs level still to be tapped into, Witzke says 2019 should be another big year for them. Next week on Regional Radio News, hear from Witzke on what her goals are in the coming year. 

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