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Portable Meth Lab Found in Clinton Park

A portable meth lab was found in Clinton last Friday. 


In a release Monday morning, Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says two bags were discovered in Kiwanis Park that further investigation revealed the remains of what is commonly referred to as a “one-pot” or “shake and bake” portable meth lab. 


The items were ultimately seized by Clinton Police and turned over to the Illinois State Police Meth Response Team and Task Force 6 for further investigation. 


Chief Lowers reminds the public that anytime suspicious packages are discovered or anytime illegal drug activity is suspected, please do not handle, open or manipulate suspicious items and notify police immediately. 


Methamphetamine production is extremely dangerous and can be hazardous to anyone who comes in contact with an active lab or it’s disposed contents. 


In comparison to traditional meth labs that required a much more sophisticated setup of heating materials, glass beakers and an abundance of ingredients, the “one pot” or “shake and bake” method has increased in popularity due to the use of less material under portable circumstances where a small amount of methamphetamine can be produced in a home or vehicle and materials discarded along roadways, parks and garbage receptacles. 


Common materials found in the production of methamphetamine include but are not limited to plastic drink bottles, cold and allergy pills, cold compress packs, lighter/lantern fuels and common household cleaners to include drain cleaners, ammonia and acetone chemicals. 


The investigation is ongoing by the Illinois State Police Meth Response Team and Task Force 6. 


Authorities indicate no further information will be released at this time.  

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