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Social Security indicates that you have the right to appeal their disability decision.


Megan Forristall, Public Affair Specialist with Social Security, indicates that your claim for disability will be reviewed and will receive written notification of their decision. If your claim is denied you can file an appeal for your claim to be reconsidered.



Forristall says if you are denied at the reconsideration you can appeal again for a hearing and then an appeals council review after that. The final level of appeal is a Federal Court review.



Forristall indicates that the main reason why an initial claim would be denied is that the individual is deemed capable of performing substantial gainful activity. She also says you can contact your local Social Security office for a list of representatives that will take your case for free.



Forristall reminds that you have 60 days to ask for an appeal and your appeal must be in writing. For more information visit www.socialsecurity.gov.

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