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Last week on Regional Radio News, Superintendent of Clinton Schools Curt Nettles outlined a wrinkle in the funding formula law from a few years ago that allows for schools to take advantage of learning outside the classroom and not lose out on instructional time.


While Clinton schools are not yet ready to act on that law, a McLean County district is. Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, Lisa Taylor indicates they are piloting a program that allows teachers to not lose out on instructional time during days when students are not in class due to inclement weather.



Taylor points to a cancellation earlier this week and that enabled them to enact their "digital learning day". 



With the shift in the Governor's mansion, Taylor points out many superintendents, including herself, are being cautious in how they plan for the next year as Governor JB Pritzker has indicated he might not be supportive of the law the way it is. Taylor indicates until they know for sure, the approval of their calendar for next year will probably be delayed.

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