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Warner Hospital and Health Services have long felt crowded in their emergency room and now the administration and their board are working to tackle the issue.


CEO Paul Skowron indicates to Regional Radio News he and the hospital board are exploring an expansion of the emergency room, which would mean building a new building for their executive offices.



According to Skowron, last week, they introduced the visuals to the hospital board. He indicates they got a good response from the board on perhaps starting something within the next year or year-and-a-half.



The hospital has been dreaming of expansion and even new facilities to some degree for a few years now and Skowron says this is the first step in what that might look like as the hospital continues to grow and evolve with 21st-century medical care.



According to Skowron, the renovation of the ER would add about 900-square feet in added space. 

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