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Central Illinois school leaders continue to express concern over the proposed minimum wage increases and a likely change in minimum teacher salaries.


Warrensburg-Latham Schools Superintendent Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle says the minimum wage increase is going to be felt as they prepare to adjust their staff to the minimum that will be at the peak $15 an hour by 2025.



Dr. Kendrick-Weikle says her research so far has included looking at what employees the law would include and computing how that impacts the rest of their staff. She is not sure how well this was thought out by the lawmakers that pushed so hard for this.



Dr. Kendrick-Weikle says the impact would be roughly 20-percent of their staff and questions how the district is going to be able to afford this. She indicates the three options of tax increases, programs or staff reductions will not be popular options if that is what they are going to have to do. 

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