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The extreme cold and excess moisture are putting things behind at Decatur's Scovill Zoo as they anticipate an April opening for their season.


Director Ken Frye they will generally battle through the thawing to get things done, like minor upgrades to their exhibits or facilities. This year, however, that has not been able to take place.



A major project that is behind right now is the extension of their train. Frye says their plan is to almost double it's length, extending to the Children's Museum, their neighbor. He indicates work on that has not been done since December.



While the project is behind, Frye says he wants the project finished with safety in mind, so if that means a mid-summer completion, he does not mind.


The Howard Buffet Foundation made a donation to expand the train the route at the zoo last year. Frye says it's going to be exciting when it is complete. 

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