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School leaders in central Illinois have varying opinions and perspectives about how the gradual minimum wage increase will impact their districts. 


Superintendent of Lincoln High School, Bob Bagby says one concern he has is how the increases impact staffers that are at or just above the new thresholds. He is questioning what should happen with their salaries, especially if they have been on the payroll for a while. 



As far as the likely passage of the minimum teacher salary, Bagby indicates that won't be as impactful for Lincoln High School because as a district, they have been working to get better educators in their classrooms by offering a higher salary. He says the teacher shortage in education has forced their school, along with numerous others, to act accordingly by raising teacher wages. 



Bagby adds, they will run into scenarios where they will have teachers that have been with the district for at least a couple years that will be not making quite $40,000 which is what the legislation is calling for, and he also questions how you handle their salaries. 

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