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Much attention is given to the mental health of today's youth and while that is certainly a growing concern in today's world, a local group is hoping you won't forget about those neighbors of yours that might be seniors. 


Peace Meal of central Illinois is hoping you will remember that seniors, especially those that may be orphaned or widowed, may find themselves lonely and even in despair because they just do not have anyone to connect with.



According to Shelly Tolley with Peace Meal of Central Illinois, they are partnering with East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging to start a program in Champaign County that would pair seniors with someone of similar interests to call or check in on them once a week and give them something to look forward to during their week.



Tolley hopes folks will engage with their neighbors that may be homebound and without a consistent person to talk to. While you don't have to check in on them every day, they would likely appreciate you stopping by every now and then.



If you are in Champaign County and you'd like to be a part of the new program in Champaign County that reaches out to homebound seniors once a week, you can contact their main office at 217-345-1800 or 1-800-543-1770. 

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