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The DeWitt County TRIAD program is a focal point for DeWitt County Sheriff Mike Walker.


The Sheriff says TRIAD has a number of purposes but it's a common theme is the protection of local seniors. From providing the latest information on scams to providing seniors with daily wellness calls, Sheriff Walker wants to continue the efforts started by the administration before him.



Sheriff Walker indicates his staff will be at the upcoming Chamber of Commerce business expo and encourages seniors to stop by and learn about their 'File of Life' program and get more information about TRIAD.



TRIAD also seeks to make seniors aware of the opportunities in the community to keep them active. Sheriff Walker says there's a lot of things the community has to offer seniors to keep them engaged and active.



Sheriff Walker touts the County's RU OK system which is a daily phone call to seniors. He reminds seniors to stop and see the Sheriff's Department at the business expo March 27 at Clinton High School from 4 pm to 7 pm or contact them at 217-935-9507 with any questions. 

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