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Is $53-hundred dollars in possession of Second Chance for Pets of DeWitt County actually county money? Should Second Chance for Pets have access to the animal control facility? What is DeWitt County getting from Second Chance for Pets? Those were the points of contention during a debate over a contract between the two entities at the DeWitt County Board's Public Safety Committee meeting last Thursday morning.


Committee Chair Lance Reece explains this agreement has been in the works for a couple of years and they just received their contract from Second Chance. 



Committee member Nate Ennis questioned the organization's access to funds that could potentially be earmarked for the County. Treasurer of Second Chance, Glenna Rogers, indicates the organization stopped accepting donations that were designated for the animal shelter and instead accepted donations only for Second Chance for Pets.



When donations go to Second Chance of Pets and donors earmark them for the animal shelter, Ennis questions why the County would have any say in where the funds go. Administrator Dee Dee Rentmeister explains the situation is tricky because donors tend to donate to Second Chance for Pets because of the 501-C3 write off benefits but contends it should be the county's money because the shelter is county property. 



Additionally, there was contention over approximately $53-hundred dollars in the coughers of Second Chance for Pets. According to Rentmeister, that money was requested by the County about a year ago but Second Chance representatives say that money is theirs. Rentmeister also points out the County has a separate fund for the animal shelter. 



The appropriation of the $53-hundred dollars was only a portion of the discussion over the contract. The two sides addressed access to the DeWitt County Animal Control facility and even the benefits of Second Chance for Pets to DeWitt County. We'll have more on that discussion tomorrow on Regional Radio News. 

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