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The DeWitt County Board's Public Safety Committee will consider a contract with DeWitt County's Second Chance for Pets pet adoption group, but not before the two sides hashed out their differences in a Thursday morning meeting. 


The two sides discussed funding, centered around $53-hundred they differ on who's it is, along with access to the animal control facility on Clinton's east side, and what DeWitt County is getting out of the agreement.


Second Chance's Heather Wantland explained the benefit of having access to the facility for their organization. 



The debate turned somewhat contentious when discussing anyone but County personnel having access to a county building. Committee Chair Lance Reece along with County Administrator Dee Dee Rentmeister and committee member Nate Ennis differed on the situation.



When questioned what the benefit of Second Chance was to DeWitt County, a fired up Ennis proceeded to inform the Board of all the things the organization does at no cost to the taxpayers.



Nearly three years ago when the shelter's facility was ready to move into, former county board member Cris Rogers called the help of Second Chance to furnish the facility quote-"gratifying" and indicated there were a lot of things the organization did that helped keep the cost minimal to taxpayers. 


The committee ultimately decided they would review the contract and move forward at a later date. Reece was not certain of a timetable to ratify the contract. He also expressed his appreciation to the organization for everything they do. 

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