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Clinton YMCA Executive Director Rennie Cluver knows the minimum wage increase may not have the most positive impact on the DeWitt County non-profit but at the same time, he's not taking an entirely negative view on the situation to his agency.


With 60-plus employees to pay at the Clinton Y, Cluver says they know the minimum wage hike will have an impact but it won't be positive. He says the hike comes on the heels of the Y deciding not to increase their membership rates.



For Cluver, his optimistic approach is a hope the minimum wage hike may benefit their members and decrease their dependency on scholarships and financial aid. He explains roughly 50-percent of their members receive some sort of financial aid currently.



Additionally, Cluver just completed a memorandum of understanding in Monticello to help bring a Y branch to the Piatt County community. That included financial information and Cluver says his projections were very conservative so the minimum wage increase may level out their projections.



In discussing the Monticello project, Cluver says right now his focus is to just begin getting the money raised they need to erect a building and continue to boost that excitement. He says they can worry about a $15 an hour salary later. 

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