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Hypocritical is how a state lawmaker describes two pieces of legislation proposed by Illinois Democrats.


State Representative Dan Caulkins indicates he voted no on a recent proposal surrounding the age for purchasing tobacco in Illinois. The law bumps the age from 18 to 21 and he feels most teens are aware of the consequences of tobacco and have their minds made up by the time they turn 18.



According to Caulkins, a no-consent bill is coming that allows teens to get an abortion without having to get consent from a parent or guardian. Caulkins says this very hypocritical of the Democrats in Springfield.



Right now, there is a dynamic in Springfield where Democrats are getting everything they want with super-majorities in both the House and the Senate and an elected Democratic governor. Caulkins says the left in Springfield does not care about anyone else's opinions and is rushing everything through.



As for the abortion law, Caulkins says Democrats are ruling under the assumption that Roe vs Wade is going to be overturned at the United States Supreme Court level. He would like to wait and see and make sure that is what happens before pushing legislation through under the assumption it will be. 

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