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The latest budget for Warner Hospital and Health Services is accounting for the mandates the State of Illinois is handing down regarding minimum wages.


CEO Paul Skowron says the minimum wage is just one of the many challenges facing the Clinton-owned facility going forward. He says many hospitals are freezing wages and hiring, however, Warner Hospital is not doing these things.



According to Skowron, the hospital board is challenging him and his staff to start thinking about doing more with less and find ways to utilize the space they have to maximize revenues.



Bringing in more patients and keeping residents local for their healthcare is part of the capital projects coming to the hospital in the upcoming year. Skowron says this will help them expand revenues. 



Among other challenges facing the hospital in the budgeting process are the technology upgrades they need to meet the needs of the public in 21st-century healthcare and trying to find ways to attract nurses and doctors to the rural healthcare scene in 2019 and beyond. 


Skowron says the budget now moves on to the Clinton City Council for two weeks before an approval vote in April. 

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