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DeWitt County Museum Reviewing 2018 Guest Trends

DeWitt County Museum leaders recently took the time to look at their guest book from 2018 and found some interesting trends. 


Executive Director Joey Woolridge indicates the guest book in 2018 suggested younger people have taken up an interest in the DeWitt County landmark and she is very encouraged by that.



Woolridge is somewhat perplexed as to the sudden interest in the museum and local history by younger people. That did not stop her from asking some of the guests what brought them to the homestead.



Woolridge believes the museum is a driver of local revenue. She points out they have discovered the CH Moore Homestead is a destination for so many of their yearly visitors.



According to Woolridge, there was a study done on the impact of local history and it's contributions to the local economy.



Woolridge points to the Apple and Pork Festival the two-day period as a huge impact on the local economy but feels the Homestead and Museum certainly is a driver of the local economy the rest of the year as well. 


She says a lot of their guests stay for about an hour or hour-and-a-half and many of those ask where to eat or what else they should see. 

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