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Illinois Chamber Backs Gas Hike, Calls For End of Sales Tax

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is standing behind an Illinois House proposal to boost funding for overdue road and bridge repairs. 


In a rare move, Chamber President/CEO Todd Maisch (Mysh) says the business organization wants to see registration fees for electric vehicles tripled and boost the motor fuel tax from 19 cents a gallon to 44 cents.....



Chamber officials say Representative Andre Thapedi's proposed fuel tax increase will provide an additional 2 billion dollars a year for transportation needs. Meanwhile, Maisch says the legislation woudl eliminate what he calls a tax on a tax....



The current sales tax on fuel sits at 5 percent. The legislation calls for a hike on the fuel tax of 15 cents a gallon starting July 1st with the other 10 cents, replacing the sales tax,being phased in over five years.

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