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State Police Warning To Watch For Motorcycles

The warm weather is bringing everyone out and that includes avid motorcycle riders.


Riders will take any opportunity through the winter months to get the bikes out but now that the weather appears to be making a permanent turn for the better, bikers are hitting the roadways more frequently. State Police Trooper Matt Frizzle says motorists need to double check then triple check for bikers.



For bikers, Trooper Frizzle reminds them to ride cautiously and have a sense of anticipation.



While wearing a helmet is not in Illinois law, Trooper Frizzle says that is the safest practice for bikers. He also encourages wearing bright colors when possible.



Drivers at all times should have the phones putting away or on silent so they are not a distraction. Trooper Frizzle indicates they continue to see distracted drivers of all types and hopes motorists will remain focused on the road, calling it respect for your fellow man. 

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