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Clinton Police Encouraging Residents To Lock Cars

Local authorities say there is a direct correlation between the spring warm up and an increase in thefts of vehicles.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates this is the time of year that is the busiest for law enforcement and encourages residents to be respectful of their neighbors and those around you.



This is the time of the year authorities sees a spike in vehicle burglaries. Chief Lowers indicates burglaries are rarely forced entries and the biggest issue they see is a lack of vehicles being locked.



Authorities say parking in a driveway or well-lit vehicle is best. The Chief says the most important thing you can do is remove valuables or keep them out of site. He also notes those phone chargers are a popular take among youth.



Chief Lowers indicates if your vehicle is burglarized and only a minimal amount valuables were taken, he encourages a call to the police. He indicates it helps them track where activity may be taking place. 



The Chief indicates burglary to motor vehicles is a frequent occurrence in Clinton and notes they want to know of any incidents involving thefts. 

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