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Contract Between Second Chance for Pets and DeWitt County Hits Snag Over Possible Liability; Second Chance Turns Over $5,000

Progress for a contract between Second Chance for Pets and DeWitt County has hit a snag after the Chair of the DeWitt County Board's Public Safety Committee, Lance Reece, discovered a potential conflict with the Animal Shelter's certification.


Reece explains the County's certification through the USDA could be in jeopardy if the contract is approved that lets people in without an escort.



Second Chance for Pets of DeWitt County is seeking a contract to gain access to the DeWitt County Animal Shelter to help further their efforts of adopting the relinquished and abandoned animals of the community. An incident at the shelter that has not been made public led to the non-profit being denied access to the facility after hours. 


Heather Wantland with Second Chance proposed to the Committee the possibility of Saturday hours for the Animal Shelter. DeWitt County Board Chair David Newberg sat in on the meeting and chimed in on discussions that have taken place in the past with DeWitt County Administrator DeeDee Rentmeister. 



Thursday morning at the Committee's meeting, Glenna Rogers with Second Chance turned over $5,300 to the County. The money has been the center of a dispute between the two entities over who should have possession of it. Rogers hopes it will be used to pave the lot at the Shelter and Reece indicated it would indeed go there.



Second Chance representatives say they want to work with the County as much as possible to provide assistance to the staff of the Shelter, who often run thing with all the responsibilities and care they have to provide. 

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