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Local Authorities Say Scams Still Prominent as Tax Day Nears

Do you have your taxes filed?


If not, answering the phone and hearing a threat from an unfamiliar voice in regard to your taxes might be nerve-racking. Local authorities indicate as tax day gets closer and closer, scam phone calls are likely to inundate your phone in the coming days. Police Chief Ben Lowers says callers posing as the IRS or Social Security seem to be most common right now.



Chief Lowers is concerned for the elderly of the community. He indicates this could a point of humiliation for them and thus they are targeted the most with these calls.



According to Chief Lowers, residents are receiving calls from scrambled numbers that show up as a local number. He indicates callers are posing as the IRS presenting pressing information requesting a large sum of money. He advises to hang up the phone and do not entertain their dialogue.



Chief Lowers indicates you may receive a call from a familiar area code on your phone, call the number back and find an unsuspecting individual on the other end of the line. He says them scrambling numbers like that makes them very difficult to track.


He encourages the public to remain on their toes even after April 15 comes and goes as these calls are sure to continue and evolve into the spring and summer. 

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