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Tax Returns Not As Significant in 2019

Did you get that tax return information and find sticker shock with how much less it was?


If that describes you, you are not alone. TS Institute's Connie Unruh says a change in the tax code also changed the deductions and not many people knew about it, so it is impacting returns this year.



Unruh indicates standard deductions changed and personal exemptions were eliminated this year, and that is throwing taxpayers for a loop recently as well. 



With the changes made and tax season in the past, Unruh indicates donations for non-profits will be more impacted because of more changes this year. It has gone as far as some tax professionals recommending a change in giving habits.



If you owed on your returns this year and it was an unexpected expense, Unruh encourages individuals and families to consider starting separate savings account for those expenses that come up out of the blue that is not part of your monthly budget and expenses. 

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