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The Vault Focused on Finishing Lower Level

The Vault in Clinton is focused on making significant progress on the lower level of their downtown facility to have it ready for use for the community's youth.


Michelle Witzke indicates there are ADA mandates they have to meet and it requires a lot of work with the concrete in the building already and they have had to keep students out while the work is going on.



Witzke has been overwhelmed by the support that seems to show up at just the right time. She says every time there is a need or an unexpected project arise, someone is there to give them a hand.



According to Witzke, while the construction has been going on and The Vault has been closed down, students are able to help and many are showing great potential with what they can do already. The students will be instrumental in the development of entertainment in the lower level when it is ready.



The lower will have programs like art therapy, art stations and a self-defense course. Witzke indicates the upper-level is designed more like a lounge space to hang out and the lower level is for the higher level activities. 

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