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St. Louis District Dairy Council Promoting Dairy Facts

Earlier this week on Regional Radio News, we introduced the 2019 National Dairy Month campaign theme, 'Let's Start a Cow-Versation' and leaders say there's a great deal of factual information to talk about this month.


June is National Dairy Month and the St. Louis District Dairy Council says because of the fast-spreading false information that can fester on social media, it is important to talk about the facts around dairy. Monica Nyman says it starts with dairy being the best way to get the needed calcium into your diet.



While almond milk is very trendy in some diets, Nyman says they often lack many of the vitamins and minerals found in cow's milk.



Organic is a big buzz word in the several sectors of the food production world and Nyman says there is no evidence organic milk is healthier than regular milk. Pointing out government rules keep non-organic farmers milk safe for consumers.



It's often believed all milk contains antibiotics and hormones and Nyman says this is simply a misunderstanding of the process of how a cow's milk is pasteurized and how animals are dealt with when on antibiotics.



As it relates to chocolate milk, Nyman says chocolate milk and other flavored kinds of milk have the same amount of nutrients and minerals as regular white milk. She says half the sugar in those flavored kinds of milk is natural and points out it only adds about 4% of the added sugar in kids' diets so it is just fine to drink. 

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