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Abraham Lincoln's religious beliefs have been a matter of historical debate. Lincoln never joined a church. He also denied being an enemy of religion and of Christians but never professed specifically that he was a believer. Some friends, including former law partner William Herndon, claimed he was an atheist. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum says Lincoln's religious beliefs grew stronger in his final days and they have proof in writing, with the donation of a unique Bible that belonged to Abraham Lincoln in his final year of life. Lincoln Library/Museum Director Alan Lowe says a Lincoln owned bible donated to the library and museum clears up some misconceptions...



The descendants of Noyes Miner donated the Bible after it had been in the family for 150 years. in 1872, Mary Todd Lincoln provided the Bible to Miner, a Baptist minister who had lived across the street from the Lincolns in Springfield for several years, calling him “a friend very much beloved by my husband,”. The Bible will be exhibited in the museum’s Treasures Gallery for the rest of 2019. Mary Todd Lincoln insisted that Lincoln did believe in God. He often attended church in Washington. He mentioned God in speeches and letters – And Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address was dominated by religious themes.

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