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Central Illinois Lawmaker Talks Task Force To Address DCFS Problems

A task force has been established to address the shortcomings of DCFS and a central Illinois lawmaker believes they are headed in the right direction.


As the spring legislative season wrapped up, an increase in funding for DCFS and agencies like theirs was approved and State Senator Chapin Rose says DCFS is a mess and needs a new direction.



According to Sen. Rose, the goal is to break up the responsibilities of DCFS and pass those along to other agencies that are already better suited to deal with issues. He feels DCFS should be the crisis manager for kids and then send them to the appropriate agencies.



The task force is made up of leaders from both sides of the aisle and Rose is optimistic the recommendations will carry a lot of weight with Illinois Democrats who control the Illinois legislature.



Sen. Rose compares this task force to the higher education task force that made many positive reforms. While he's short of enthusiastic, Rose is optimistic and says DCFS needs to be a participant with the legislature and be on board. 

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