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Are you sick of the wet weather? Don't anticipate much of a change.


Chris Miller of the National Weather Service in Lincoln says the rainy pattern is going to continue as move through July. He explains the entirety of the corn belt could be looking at a pretty wet July. 



All is not lost, however. Miller points to later this month when things to turn around and become more typical of summer with hot and dry conditions.



Farmers might be curious to know that Miller is seeing the possibility of above normal temperatures come the harvest season. While that is the forecast, for now, he is not sure it will hold as that is hurricane season and that could shake things up.



The recent heat and dry weather have helped dry out a lot of the fields of Illinois. While some planting was behind this year, Miller says the later summer forecast of warmer and drier weather may be just what farmers will need leading up to the harvest season. 

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