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Around a dozen Clinton High School students, last month made the trip across the pond to tour and explore London. 


Clinton High School Principal Jerry Wayne calls the trip a great experience for the kids that were able to take advantage of the opportunity. He says they saw all the sites you would typically associate with the area.



According to Wayne, tips his cap to the students and the way they conducted themselves. He felt they represented Clinton at the highest level.



About three years ago, Wayne explains his English teachers brought forward the idea of visiting England to connect what is being taught in the classroom to the real world. From there, they received the nod of approval from the Board of Education and then moved forward to fundraise for the trip. 



Wayne anticipates in another three years having this opportunity again. He indicates that will have to be up to the Board of Education but they intend on showcasing their experience to the Board in August. 


Photos of the students trip courtesy of Clinton High School's Twitter account:







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