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The United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois recently wrapped up their bi-annual community investment process in DeWitt County.


Ryan Huffer with the United Way says this is a process that brings various people from different sectors of the community together to hear from non-profits about what their organizations do, how an investment from United Way would impact them and then decides how to distribute a set amount o funding.



Roughly $106,000 was invested in DeWitt County non-profits this cycle and Tuesday morning on the WHOW Morning Show, Huffer told Regional Radio News four groups received 100-percent of the funding they requested. He feels that is a tremendous number for a central Illinois community.



According to Huffer, there's a number of programs in DeWitt County doing good things that are worthy investments by the United Way.



Huffer indicates their fundraising campaign in DeWitt County mainly takes place in the fall and then their community investment process happens in the spring every other year. He indicates there can be some tough decisions their community volunteers have after all their non-profits present.


To get more information on the United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois and their bi-annual campaign, you can visit uwdecatur.org or contact them at 217-422-8537. 

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