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The hottest day of the summer to date is likely today (Wednesday) and as we hit the dog days of summer, local authorities are reminding residents to keep a close watch on your elderly neighbors and pets.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says the elderly can be especially susceptible to the extreme heat if they live alone and don't have air conditioning.



Chief Lowers also advocates for those outdoor pets that will be subjected to the heat of the summer. Among many suggestions, Lowers says to make sure have shade to rest in and plenty of cold water that is changed out frequently.



Additionally, while leaving kids in the car on a hot day is against the law, the Chief reminds pet owners it is equally stressful on animals. 



Chief Lowers points out the police still get complaints about dogs running at large. He continues to remind the public to keep dogs in enclosed, fenced in areas and when taking them out, to keep them leashed, as those are city ordinances and a citation can be written under some circumstances. 

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