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The summer weather means more outdoor activity and perhaps none take more advantage of the opportunity to be out than motorcyclists and bicyclists.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers points out nearly all motorcycle/car crashes are the fault of the vehicle operator. He says always be on alert.



Bicycle awareness brings on a more serious tone as kids are most often seen on bicycles. Chief Lowers says regardless of who is on a bike, we need to be aware of cyclists. 



For cyclists, helmets are a must for both bicyclists and motorcyclists. Chief Lowers also implores the evening cyclist to make sure you have reflectors so you can see and reminds them of the rules regarding driving on roads where there may be traffic.



Chief Lowers indicates they collect quite a few stolen or abandoned bicycles during the summer months. He encourages young people especially, to lock up their bikes if they are going to leave them out for an extended period of time. He says they have their impound full of recovered bikes and they auction them off once a year at Clinton Auto Auction.

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