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DNR Breaks Down Lake Decatur Asian Carp Project

An unexpected issue cropped up in Decatur this summer and now the Department of Natural Resources has been called in to mitigate.

The invasion of the Asian Carp has threatened Lake Decatur. DNR Sergeant John Williamson indicates the Asian Carp has become a huge problem in the midwest in recent years and their presence in Lake Decatur is not welcome. He says they can ruin an eco-system in a hurry.



According to Williamson, they are going to use nets to trap the fish but then they will need to filter out the native species in the lake. 



Williamson explains these fish were being farmed in Arkansas and flooding allowed them to expand to the Mississippi River. He calls it a catastrophe that has resulted in agencies spending millions of dollars to keep them out.



Williamson says he does know the original reasoning for these fish being brought to America from Asia but they were never intended to overtake the waterways of the midwest, which they have in just 26 years. 

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