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Legalized weed is coming to Illinois next year and a local health professional is weighing in on the issue.


Tony Kirkman of the Piatt County Mental Health Center says as this gets nearer and nearer, the message they are pushing to everyone, youth and parents is that the legalized form of marijuana can be harmful to an undeveloped brain.



Lawmakers took action in the spring legislative session raising the age of purchasing tobacco products to 21 years old and Kirkman supports that because not only is tobacco harmful to youth, but the rise in vaping is becoming a growing concern.



Kirkman has concerns e-cigarettes have been introduced too fast to society. He feels we do not know enough about the impacts of vaping on the human body, especially when it comes to teens.



The Piatt County Mental Health Center is starting a community coalition and a youth advisory board and part of their mission will be to promote what the negative impacts of marijuana can be on young people. 

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