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A local school district is revamping a program they introduced last year that focuses on providing extra support for their students.


Warrensburg-Latham Schools last year introduced what they call 'Cardinal Time'. Superintendent Dr. Kristen Kendrick-Weikle says it is targeted for students middle school through high school to get extra help in a subject they may be struggling in or for group work.



For Dr. Kendrick-Weikle, one of the bonuses of the program was it allowed students to explore things they were interested in. She points out it didn't always fall under a curriculum interest and it was well-received. 



At the high school level, Dr. Kendrick-Weikle students who qualified academically were able to leave early but that is not going to be an option this year.



Dr. Kendrick-Weikle says they continue to tweak and adjust the program based on students feedback. She adds this is something they do weekly. 

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